Sharing feelings and respecting differences

Sharing feelings and respecting differences

Sharing food has always been part of the culture of every society.

It is through very coming together around something pleasurable that men and women of any age, social class and origin have come to know each other, fallen in love, made small and large decisions and reinforced the bonds of family and friendship.  Sharing this moment, is something extraordinarily human and something that no-one should be denied because of their health.  

This is why we thought big when we created our Schär sweets and biscuits: a range of gluten-free pastries to be shared, so that everyone can enjoy a sweet moment with loved ones, without having to neglect taste, smiles and the joy of being with the people that we all need.

No sweet or biscuit is a no-no. We love them all

Article125_Frau isst Kekse

At Schär we adopt a very rigid philosophy when we create our sweets and biscuits: the gluten-free products are not just for a restricted group of people but must also be good for their families, friends, colleagues and all those who want to share a pleasurable moment.

This is why we call it an "inclusive" philosophy. It's like a big recipe, that demands great attention to the selection of raw materials, a constant quest for more enticing and satisfying flavours, constant feedback from our clients on quality and the goodness of our sweets and biscuits.

We also don't think that it's enough just to meet a physical need. We believe that the heart and soul of each of us needs just a much attention, like a nutritional element that's measurable in terms of affection and that only those times spent with loved ones can bring. Could it be simpler?

Happiness is real only if shared

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Picture a cake. Imagine it as soft, satisfying, with your favourite icing, a real delight that melts in the mouth at the first bite. Imagine that you can have it all, you alone. Undoubtedly a glutton's ultimate dream. But eating it all on your own is certainly not good for your health, and even if you nibble on it day after day you'll come to see that it doesn't taste as it did at first. Want to know why?

Because a cake such as this has always been presented for a special occasion: a birthday, family anniversary, a special evening or a snack with friends and colleagues. Or to welcome a guest.

The secret of the goodness of these delights is in their sharing: happiness is not lessened by the number of slices. On the contrary, it can only grow.  Sweetness has always united all.