A thousand-year-old story of sweet temptation: chocolate

A thousand-year-old story of sweet temptation: chocolate

The Schär Sweet Moments contain a special ingredient: chocolate.

A special and universally loved delicacy, with a very interesting history.

We need to go back 4,000 years to South America to find the first examples of cacao and chocolate. According to archaeologists, the ancestor of our chocolate, called Xoxoatl, was invented in the Honduras. Apart from using cocoa beans to make this sweet and energising drink, the Maya and Aztec people loved them so much that they were used as an important currency. This shows us just how precious chocolate was and how it has always had a special place in our ancestors' hearts.
In the 16th century, the conqueror Hernàn Cortés imported cacao for the first time into Europe and learnt to use it to make a chocolate drink. This sweet and surprising treat from the New World would be greeted by conflicting reactions - for some it was divine whilst others even considered it heresy. For this reason, chocolate is still surrounded by an air of mystery, desire and pleasure. 

Temptation and emotion - two sides of the same coin

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It is said that the best way to overcome temptation is to give in to it!

It is for this reason that since ancient times, many have claimed that chocolate sweets have an aphrodisiac power.  
But is this real or just hearsay?  Many like to believe it, but there doesn't seem to be any scientific basis to this claim.
Chocolate, in fact, is not addictive, yet many of us know of real addicts - "incurable gluttons"  who could never be without.
So giving in to a Schär chocolate Sweet Moments is not only a taste delight but is also comforting and psychologically rewarding. A pleasurable effect, like the delight of reading a good book, watching a beautiful film or spending time with those we love.

It's always the right time to be tempted

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With their surprising taste, Schär Sweet Moments are a favourite treat for gluten-free consumers. The perfect union of short crust pastry, puff pastry, brioche, sponge, hazelnuts and chocolate which generate unforgettable taste sensations for the palate - pleasure, indulgence and taste. Schär Sweet Moments are perfect for a break so you can regenerate happiness and energy during the day and absolutely ideal for those relaxing evening moments. Giving in to temptation is no longer a sin but a way of taking care of our minds and bodies. The balanced ingredients and the quality of Schär raw materials are guaranteed and completely in line with an active lifestyle.